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To better serve the environment and communities where we live and work, Lumen Field & Event Center will proactively identify and develop long standing policies, programs, and initiatives to reduce energy and resource consumption based on the following principles:

  • To Learn and Educate
  • To Be Champions and Stewards of the Programs
  • To Provide Meaningful and Measurable Impact
  • To Be a Leader in the Industry

Lumen Field Sustainability

Lumen Field continues to be a leader in environmentally friendly and sustainable sports and entertainment facilities around the world. In January 2018, Lumen Field received a “Waste Wise” award from the Environmental Protection Agency for its waste prevention and reduction activities and an international “Sustainability and Community” award at the Stadium Business Summit in London. In 2019, Lumen Field received the “Community Impact Gold Award for Sustainability” from Seattle Business Magazine and “Environment Protection Agency Very Large Business Partner of the Year Award” in April 2020.

Lumen Field Sustainability Accomplishments:

• An average of 90% of the waste created at Lumen Field is diverted from the landfill through recycling, composting and donations. Waste tracking began in 2006 when the facility recorded a diversion rate of 4.66%.

• Lumen Field’s local partners include more than 50 farmers, ranchers, fishing companies, bakers, and other food purveyors whose practices are ethical and sustainable – supporting economic development within our vibrant, local farming and culinary communities which also helps to decrease the stadium’s carbon footprint.

• During the field replacement project in 2019, 488 tons of rubber and sand were recycled, and all the carpet was repurposed, ensuring that 100% of the project was diverted from the landfill.

• In 2021, Lumen Field and the Seahawks were a founding partner of PLAY, a recognition and sustainability performance toolkit powered by ARC, in collaboration with the Green Sports Alliance.

• In 2022, in an effort to increase waste diversion, Lumen Field invested in a customized sorting system called the MRFi. This technology speeds up the process of sorting, which is the key to a successful diversion program.

• In 2023, First and Goal Inc. and Levy introduced reusable cups in the WAMU Theater, helping to decrease waste and carbon footprint.

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