Lumen Field

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We are now a cashless venue

As part of a continued effort to improve the guest experience, reduce lines, and increase safety by limiting the exchange of money, Lumen Field is a cashless venue.

We now only accept cards and contactless payment at concessions, retail, parking, and vendors/hawkers.

For fans without cards, 10 cash-to-card kiosks are located around the stadium to easily convert cash onto a prepaid card. Any amount from $1-$500 can be loaded per card and there is no transaction fee. Cards can be used inside or outside the stadium anywhere major cards are accepted.

Cash-to-Card kiosks are located:

  • Olympic Hall (Section 131)
  • Main Level (Sections 103 & 119)
  • Club Level (Section 213)
  • Summit Level (Section 330)
  • Event Center/WAMU Theater
A map of the cash-to-card kiosks in sections 103, 119, 131, 138, 213, 231, 304, 330, and 340

How to use the Cash-To-Card Kiosks

A photo of a cash-to-card kiosk

Step 1

Locate a cash-to-card kiosk. There are kiosks located throughout the stadium and event center.

A person nserting cash into a cash-to-card kiosk

Step 2

Follow the steps on the screen and insert the amount of cash you would like to put on the card.

A person taking a prepaid card from the kiosk

Step 3

Take the prepaid card from the kiosk. Make sure to keep the receipt in case you misplace your card.

One person handing a card to another

Step 4

The prepaid card can be used both inside the stadium and outside the venue everywhere that accepts major cards.

What does this mean?

Following several other stadiums and event centers that have seen success with a cashless model, we will now only accept cards for concessions, retail, parking, and vendors/hawkers in order to provide a faster, more efficient sales process.

What do attendees do if they bring cash to an event?

For guests without a card form of payment, ten self-service kiosks that convert cash to a prepaid card will be located throughout the stadium and event center. There is no fee to use the cash-to-card machines, which will easily convert as little as $1 cash and cards can be used inside or outside the venue, everywhere major cards are accepted. For more information, see the FAQs.

Helpful Tips

  • Card security is a priority. Vendors will pass a card-swipe machine down the row to you so that your card does not have to leave your hands.
  • Parents: Change your cash to card when you first enter the venue to ensure your child can easily purchase snacks during the event.
  • There is also no age minimum to use the self-service kiosks to convert cash-to-card, and no personal information is collected. Guest Service representatives will be nearby to assist guests with the kiosks, as needed.
  • Vendors and bartenders can be tipped electronically at the end of your transaction.
  • If you have money remaining on your card, use it anywhere outside the venue that major cards are accepted.
  • Round up! When adding cash to your prepaid card, please remember that concession prices do not include tax.

For more visit cash-to-card FAQs.