Exterior of Lumen Field

a new wave of fanovation

lumen field

Fans can expect to see a new look to Lumen Field the next time they visit! The latest Fanovation updates include new signage and names for destinations throughout the stadium to help fans better navigate Lumen Field. These updates improve navigation from entering the stadium, to locating your seat, finding a variety of food & beverage options nearby, and much more.

A map of Lumen Field including Neighborhood names and new gate numbers

Introducing new Lumen Field Neighborhoods

Welcome to the neighborhood! Lumen Field is home to the largest events in the Pacific Northwest, hosting upwards of 2.4 million per year. Lumen Field neighborhoods bring a small, community touch to fans’ large, vibrant stadium experience. The neighborhoods are broken out into 4 main regions – Cityside, Cascade, Rainier, and Olympic. Each region pays tribute to the iconic PNW views from that side of Lumen Field. The new neighborhoods will help fans better navigate from one neighborhood to the next, as well as find what is near their seat.
A map of neighborhoods inside Lumen Field

New Destinations

In addition, fans will find key destinations and navigation points renamed to better align with the neighborhood location. All ramps, stairs, elevators, and VIP entrances will incorporate the neighborhood in its name.

New Modern Signage

The new neighborhoods and destination names will be displayed with sleek, modern signs throughout the concourses and exterior spaces. Several of the signs also have advanced functionality with lights and digital LED screens that can be tailored to each individual event at the stadium.
Lumen Field Tour

Timing & Phase 2

Updates are already underway at Lumen Field. More Fanovation enhancements for navigating Lumen Field are slated for 2024. Fans can look forward to more digital signage and directories. More details to come.