DTG Recycle Announced as Proud Recycling Partner

DTG Will Now Handle all Traditional Recycling and Compost for Lumen Field

Two people in DTG clothing standing and smiling

The Seattle Seahawks announced today a new partnership with DTG Recycle to become the Proud Recycling Partner of Lumen Field. As part of the partnership, DTG will handle all traditional recycling and compost for the venue. DTG will also assist with fan education, providing ambassadors to engage with guests at events and on Seahawks gamedays to assist with selecting the right receptacle to discard waste. They will also help manage recycling drop-off locations offered for fans.

“DTG Recycle is committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability objectives while advocating for expanded awareness on the importance of recycling to combat climate change and promote a circular economy,” said Tony Garcia, Director of Sustainability, DTG Recycle. “Through our Lumen Field Sustainability Ambassador Program, DTG Recycle employees can directly engage with fans on their behavioral decisions on how and when to recycle. Our message is simple: Recycling takes little effort on our part but makes a big difference to the world!”


"At DTG, we believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment,” said Erin Gagnon, Chief Revenue Officer, DTG Recycle. “Together, we will work to make sustainability more convenient, accessible and enjoyable for people attending events at Lumen Field, with the hope that they will take what they’ve learned during their concerts and games into their daily sustainability practices. This exciting partnership is a way for us to work together to make a positive impact in the Pacific Northwest.”

The Seahawks and Lumen Field continue to prioritize sustainability practices, including a closed-loop recycling program that diverts more than 90% of stadium waste from the landfill. The Seahawks and Lumen Field were also founding members of the Green Sports Alliance, as well as a founding partner of PLAY, a recognition and sustainability performance toolkit powered by ARC, in collaboration with the Green Sports Alliance.


As part of the team’s sustainability efforts, DTG will also work with operations staff at both Lumen Field and the team practice facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, to source recycling options for often hard to recycle materials such as electronic waste, Styrofoam, broken equipment, and hard-to-recycle plastics.


About DTG Recycle

DTG Recycle is the largest recycler of industrial, manufacturing, construction, and demolition materials in the Pacific Northwest. We strive for a zero-waste future by collecting, transporting, processing, and manufacturing recovered material into innovative end products. With a diversified collection and transportation fleet, we provide unique, convenient recycling methods and the industry’s best customer service, making it simple for our clients to do the right thing in protecting the environment. We are Customer Focused, Planet Obsessed. Learn more at https://www.dtgrecycle.com.