Where to Find Pizza on Gameday

Whether you just want a slice or a whole pie to yourself, the options are plenty to satisfy that Gameday pizza craving!

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Tutta Bella Pepperoni Pizza

Neopolitan Style Pepperoni

Where to find it? Tutta Bella located on Field Level (near section 137)

Tutta Bella is a local favorite, new to Lumen Field this season, serving some of the best pizza in the city. Their menu items use simple, high quality ingredients to create flavors that honor their Neopolitan roots and celebrate the Puget Sound surroundings. Accompany your personal sized pizza with one of their salads, charcuterie packs, or tiramisu!

Ballard Bridge from Ballard Pizza

NY Style: Ballard Bridge

Where to find it? Ballard Pizza located on Club Level (near sections 210 & 234)

Ballard Pizza Company is a Seattle staple, part of the Ethan Stowell Restaurant group, offering NY Style pizza made for those looking for the elevated gameday slice. Slices include Cheese (VG), Pepperoni, the Ballard Bridge (pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and black olives) and the Staple & Fancy (shredded mozzarella, pecorino, pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno). Don’t miss out on their other offerings including pepperoni and sausage calzones, Italiano and Caesar Salads, and a cookie from another local restaurant How to Cook a Wolf (yes, the cookie is called How to Wolf a Cookie).


Cheese Pizza Hut pizza

Hand Stretched Classic

Where to find it? Pizza Hut located on Main Level (near sections 107, 307, 333)

A national favorite, and pizza lover classic built on the belief that pizza should be special. Pizza Hut offers hand stretched cheese or pepperoni pizza at Lumen Field! The stand located near section 107 is powered by Amazon Just Walk Out Technology so fans can scan in, secure their pie, and get back to the action.

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