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A-OK & Sensory Room

Autism Toolkit

Q: Where can I pick up an autism toolkit? What is included?

A: Fans can pick up a toolkit at the SW GuestLink Location on the Field Plaza, just south of the Pro Shop. The toolkits include noise-cancelling headphones, ear plugs, sensory toys, a detailed schedule to help keep track of the game and an “I’M A-OK” identifier badge. The identifier badge can be worn as a sticker or band, displayed on a lanyard or kept in a wallet. The "I’M A-OK" symbol will help Seahawks fans recognize that a person has autism and give them an opportunity to help or simply be more patient, if necessary.

Sensory Room

Lumen Field now has the A-OK Sensory Room for fans with autism, sensory challenges or PTSD who may be feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. The sensory room, which is located at the SW GuestLink Location on the Field Plaza, will be open for all full stadium events. Children using the room must be accompanied by an adult.

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